How to be Manly

wikiHow has laid out some steps on how you can become manly. If you ask me, your either born with it or your not, but whatever. So listen up all non-manly types out there, here is how you can be manly:

Understand What Makes a Man Manly:

There are seven pillars of manliness. To be truly manly, try to progress in as many as possible

1 - Physical:

  • Manly men are physically more powerful and impressive than women or unmanly males
  • Large muscles and an overall higher level of fitness set the manly apart
  • Athleticism is a key component to the physical pillar of masculinity, as it contributes to enjoyment of competition and overall physical prowess
  • The manly male does not obsess over losing physical looks, and is not obsessed with physical appearance or the natural process of aging
2 - Functional:
  • To be mature and manly, one must be commit to his family by contributing to it however he may.
  • To function as the head of a family, with a mate and offspring depending on you is to be a manly father
3 - Sexual:

  • It is typically seen as manly to be sexually assertive, bold, and experienced
  • Married or single
4 - Emotional:
  • Tolerant and stoic are words typically characterizing the manly
  • To be overly emotional is to lack control of one’s self and environment
  • An assured leader that others look to is in control of his emotions
  • It is manly to be a calm, emotional support for those in need, and not be weepy. Knowing when to empathize shows a true man.
5 - Intellectual:
  • Manliness is logical, intellectual, rational, objective and practical, not overtly emotional
6 Interpersonal:
  • The manly seek roles of leadership, are guiding, disciplinarian, independent, free, individualistic, demanding
  • Manliness is self-satisfied in that it does not seek nor need the approval of others
  • The manly need respect as the womanly need love, it is often said by chauvinists
7 - Distinctive:
  • Setting manliness apart from the feminine or unmanly males proves that person's insecurity
  • Manliness is wild and seeks the wild
  • The manly consider risking loss to stand for important beliefs or principles
  • As a mother’s touch is civilizing, a manly instinct is rough and indelicate

Become the Manly Male:

1 - Physical:
  • Lift weights, play sports, get coaching and lessons
  • Stand up straight with a poised, erect stature
  • Get a personal trainer
  • Look to Paul Bunyan, John Wayne, or Men’s Journal for appropriate dress, then stop caring what people think of your looks
  • Watch boxers or MMA fighters for inspiration
2 - Functional:
  • If a husband or father, develop and exhibit your leadership
  • If boyfriend, develop your masculine maturity and find appropriate opportunities to learn to be a manly gentleman in that role
  • Find a mentor to learn from
  • Emulate manly role models, familiar friends or famous heroes
3 - Sexual:
  • If single, work to become sexually confident and dominant
  • Get a dating-help program or ask that “player” buddy who has all the luck with to help you out
  • Get out and meet more dates, don’t be shy and pathetic and only hang out with friends
  • If married, please your partner
4 - Emotional:
  • Honestly critique your emotional state and tackle your weaknesses in every situation in which you fall short
5 - Intellectual:
  • Develop your logical skills
  • Join a debate team
  • Take math classes
  • Approach decisions and problems objectively
6 - Interpersonal:
  • Seek leadership roles in organizations
  • Join sports teams
  • Project confidence and do not seek the approval of others
  • Save your tenderness for your relationships with women, but be a Rock of Gibraltar who the more emotional can lean on
7 - Distinctive:
  • Buy a gun
  • Go hunting
  • Be assertive in meetings at work
  • Seek competition and revel in your new-found competitiveness
Live Manliness:

1 - Physical:
  • Enjoy your new strength and athleticism
  • Enjoy your athleticism, but do not put it on display
  • Take good care of your body—diet and exercise
2 - Functional:
  • Be a leader in the family and outside
  • Assume authority and seek responsibility to lead others
3 - Sexual:
  • Pursue partners, don’t just timidly express interest or desire abashedly from the shadows
  • Do not be afraid to explore all aspects of your sexuality
4 - Emotional:
  • Feel the strength that comes from others who look up to you
  • Be there for those who need emotional succor or for males needing a role model
5 - Intellectual:
  • Tackle problems with dispassionate ease as you think manly
6 - Interpersonal:
  • Be self-possessed and assured in your interpersonal relationships, now invigorated by manliness
7 - Distinctive:
  • Enjoy inhibited competition
  • Roam the wild, shoot buffalo
  • Stand for your dearest-held beliefs
  • In short, make civilization bette
  • Be moral, loyal, honest, humble, charitable, strong, supportive, helpful, and caring.
  • The scout morals are good to follow: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Be prepared.
  • Emulate manly role models and heroes, famous or familiar friends.
  • Don't let anyone walk over you.
  • Speak up for yourself and your fellow man.

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