Iron Crotch

So who hasn't been hanging out with their buddies, and one of them dares you to lift 507lbs with your bing-bong. Well this guy said, "fug that, I aint never scared," and did it.

Yang says what improved his health was ‘iron crotch’ qigong, which he studied after meeting the practice’s founder, Tu Jin-sheng. Yang showed his friends the results of his daily practice. First, he uses a red cloth to tie several iron disks to his genitals to warm up. When he feels prepared, he steps onto two pedestals and crouches down to tie iron weights weighing 507lbs to his penis. He then stands up slowly, lifting the iron disks off the ground for 30 seconds. His friends have been, for lack of a better word, fascinated by his performance… Qigong is usually practiced to improve health, mediation, breathing and movement. The practice is closely tied to theories of self-cultivation in Chinese philosophy and comes in various forms and styles.” w/ photo

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